1. Now, We’re all aware of the strange compilation of weird stuff Bleach has become, but in what I’ve read lately…This man has become a new favorite. Lbs.

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  2. On the way home from Satan’s Warehouse. Lbs.

  3. Wow…this camera goes all the way in. That bug isn’t even a millimeter big.

  4. "The time is hours, it’s really hours…Take off the ‘H,’ it’s really ours…"


  5. coffeepeople:

    if you are attracted to me you are required by law to tell me. 

    Reblogs…but realizes it won’t matter.

    ( ._.)

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  6. lampsarepeopletoo:

    if you’re reading this ur fucking cute

    I hate liars, yo… ( ._.)

    …But thanks anyways.

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  7. Some fresh Mac Exodus for your ears.

  8. Some stuff.

  9. Oooooh… #SneakPeek #SolarSystem w/ @ac3_col3_v2 #NewMusic

  10. So you know it’s real @pianotiles #PianoTiles #DontTapTheWhiteTiles