1. fashion-and-pussy:

    God bless.

    God bless a woman that has a vocabulary outside of “hey” “nmu” “k” and “fine”

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  2. #BeatsArmy is a lifestyle. So is green. But these selfies are butt. It doesn’t bother me though. Lol.

  3. One of the realest songs I’ve heard in a while. This performance on the BET Hip Hop Awards was the only one truly worth seeing.

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  4. Lol…I’m lame…but off work early…so that’s a plus. #SN You’re not cool if you don’t have a deep thought window photo.

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  5. Me and taking pictures don’t get along. Why am I up anyways.

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  6. Selfies are a challenging task for me…but eventually I just say forget it.


  7. Questions.

    What am I missing? Am I missing anything? Is it my physical appearance that gets overlooked? Am I too “weird,” short small, smart, slow? Am I really this unlucky? Do I appear to not have enough money? Am I unapproachable? Why? These are just questions. This was not meant to be a medium of bashing on myself, or anything. I’d just like to uncover these answers at some point in the near future. Although the battle may be lost, I’d still like to fight it.

    Tis all.

  8. charmingcharlieofficial:


    say hi if you think im adorable

    Ignore that caption

    Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi.


  9. Dreams

    1. Ideal studio
    2. Guest appearance on Sway In The Morning
    3. Some nice people to buy my beats
    4. Car collection
    5. Sober ebony with similar interests
    6. Another reference to number 5, cause that appears to be the toughest item listed
    7. Jordan Ferrari 14s
    8. Uhhh…Like a bunch of fans…Duh. Lol


  10. Why don’t my followers talk to me?


    Let’s talk

    ….Please…Anybody. I’m desperate for compatibility I know doesn’t exist…Lbs.

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