1. So you know it’s real @pianotiles #PianoTiles #DontTapTheWhiteTiles

  2. Y’all see that there. Get with me. #PianoTiles #HighScore #Score #FastestTime #Classic #25 #DontTouchTheWhiteTiles #App #Game #Android #Speed #Concentration #Focus #Determination #Lol #Beast #BeastMode #BlackAndWhite

  3. Spongebob’s out here looking like he’s about to drop some godly flames on someone’s footwear. Courtesy of @leanandcuisine

  4. When you’re eating pizza rolls and you forget they’re super hot…

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  5. I haven’t really messed with Pokémon in a pretty long time, but Charizard Y is a good look.


  6. "AÆÃÅĀÀÁÂÄaæãåāàáâä"
    — Mac Exodus
  7. When you’re so bored you laugh and cry about it At the same time…

  8. #SO #ShoutOut to my female doppelganger friend @jessisredd. #BeautyAndTheBeats #FollowHer

  9. Just stuff on my mind and whatnot.

    And to @damndatkidfazle …Something in this sort.


  10. M + AF = Error.

    It becomes more and more clearer as time goes on, I tell you. The path to eternal solitude is one that cannot be swayed from. Don’t mind me though, I’m just bored right now. Too late to make music, because people always complain (go figure), and no one else stays up like I do, so a lot of times, I just sit in darkness and think of, well, everything. Outside of musical ideas and brainstorms, a topic that visits my brain frequently is women. Why? I am a straight male, after all. Where’s the compatibility? Although I’m already at a point of contention, as far as accepting my fate of solitude, I get bored and wonder about these things. Who am I? What do I do to make females turn the other way? Is it just a matter of “wrong place, wrong time?” Is it my lack of physical appearance factors? Has someone spread bad/false statements in regards to myself? Iono. Either way, whatever. Lol.